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New Book Reveals Secrets of Red Dwarf

Stasis Leaked CompleteSTASIS LEAKED COMPLETE by Jane Killick

Based on interviews with the cast and crew, this book goes behind the scenes of the successful space comedy, Red Dwarf. With chapters on every episode, it reveals how the series was made, and tells the stories of what happened on and off set. Why did Holly leave? How did Cat lose his teeth? What happened when the writers split up? All these questions are answered, and more.

Written by journalist Jane Killick, using material gathered over years of writing about Red Dwarf.
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If Wishes Were Husbands: Available Now

If Wishes Were HusbandsWhen Rachel invents a husband to impress her friends, they delight in stories of his meticulous housework, gourmet cooking and amazing sex. Just a bit of harmless fun — until Darren materialises on her sofa, in the flesh! Confronted with the real life version of her fantasy man, Rachel must learn to live with perfection, or discover how to dis-invent him.

A light-hearted story of a single woman’s desire to join the ranks of the married, without living with a man who drives her mad!

This romantic comedy novel by Jane Killick (writing as Elizabeth Kyne) is destined to appeal to fans of Sophie Kinsella, Meg Cabot and Bridget Jones.

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Matchmaker Cat: Soon to be Available as a Paperback Single

Matchmaker CatJane Killick’s popular short story, Matchmaker Cat, is soon to be available in paperback form. As a little experiment here at Elly Books, we’re trying out making some of our best short story publications available as a slim paperback. Perfect as a gift or to collect.

Who helps rescue Rosemary’s love life? Who puts the dating website on her computer? Who finds the attractive man with the smiling eyes? Does it happen by accident? Or does it have something to do with a cat called Chester?

A fun story about dating, romance and a cunning ginger tabby.

Matchmaker Cat is also available as an ebook at all major retailers.